Chapter 2.3: Life’s a Beach

a1 (1)

My time had finally came! Four long years of hard work and dedication, and I had finally earned the title Sims University Graduate! I was happy to have my best friend along for the journey.

Graduating was one of my biggest goals in life, and I wouldn’t be able to do that without my family, my best friend Barry, and of course my amazing fiancee Seymour. Leaving university made me realize how important family is to me.

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Although leaving college was such a bittersweet, and emotional experience, I was ready to come home. I tried my best to not burst with excitement as my parents, Barry and I, arrived at my home street!

a1 (3)

One of the first things I noticed was the empty lot next to the Darling house, where the Chapmans used to live. Seymour and I had talked a lot about it on the phone, but seeing it in person made it so much more real.

Once most of the Chapman kids were out of the house, Dawn and Jodie Chapman sold the property to Seymour and his dad. The Chapmans retired, and bought a house boat, where they plan  to live the remainder of their years.

Since then, their house has been completely bulldozed, and Seymour is going to build a barn  for my horse, Aurora Skies, so she can be closer to me when I move into the Darling household!

a1 (4)

I jumped up and down in a frenzy when we finally pulled into the driveway, Barry laughed at my over-excitement.

a1 (5)

I didn’t even go inside, nor did I worry about my bags, when I ran straight across the street to see the one thing on my mind, my fiancee!

a1 (6)

a1 (7)

“Oh my god, I’ve missed you so much!” I screamed, practically flying into his arms.

“Bet I missed you more…” He whispered.

a1 (8)

As soon as he put me down, I noticed the scar on his face, from his snowboarding accident. This was the first time I’ve seen it, because he refused to video chat or send any pictures every since his accident.

“….Does it hurt?” I asked, softly brushing my hand against it.

He flinched slightly, so I knew that it was still tender. “No, not really, anymore.” He said.

a1 (9)

With my heart filled with sympathy, I pulled him in closer to comfort him, staring at his tremendous scar.

a1 (10)

Immediately after, I was struck with guilt.

“I should have came home after I heard about the accident. I shouldn’t have stayed at Sims U.” I sighed.

a1 (12)

“Kirsten, just stop! You’ve worked way too hard at university to just throw it all away.” He snapped. “I’m fine now, so nothing to feel guilty about okay?”

a1 (13)

I threw my arms around him. “I know, I just felt helpless, like I couldn’t do anything to make it better..”

“But you did make it better, you were still there to support me, even if you were miles away.”

a1 (14)

“I thought I heard that little Sunflower’s voice!” Erik shouted gleefully, making his way out the door.

a1 (15)

There was something about seeing Erik; his presence just makes me feel at home. I feel like I belong with this family.

a1 (16)

I immediately started tending to Agnes’ garden the best I could. Unfortunately, without her gardening expertise, the plants suffered quite a bit, and most of them had to be thrown away. I did the best I could to nurse the remaining ones back to health.

a1 (17)

Seymour and I eventually got around to getting tattoos in honor for our new deceased friend, Yellow-foot. Barry and Erik went to the beach, and we agreed to meet up with them when we were done.

Meeting Yellow-foot and doing our best to help his lost soul made a profound impact on our lives, and our relationship as well.

a1 (18)

My tattoo was finished first. A dream-catcher on my right foot.

a1 (19)

Seymour also went with a dream-catcher, but on his bicep instead.

a1 (20)

Someday we’d find the perfect way to honor Yellow-foot properly; but for now, tattoos are the best way to show how truly bonded we feel to that poor soul.

b (1)

“You ready to go get your beach on!?” Seymour laughed.

b (2)

As we made our way up the stairs to the pier, we noticed Erik and Barry waiting for us at a picnic table.

b (3)

“Awww look Sy! Barry and your dad seem to be hitting it off pretty well, Barry looks so happy!” I enthused.

b (5)

But once we got closer, I realized they weren’t alone…

b (4)

“Oh Gwendolyn’s here…” I blurted.

c (1)

“Oh hey guys! Yeah I stopped by the house as these two were leaving, and they said they were going to the beach, I figured I’d tag along.” Gwendolyn explained.

c (3)

“Oh really.” I looked at Barry.

Barry stood there and shrugged.

“Well we’ve wasted enough time here, Sy! Come help me get that campfire started!” Erik enthused obliviously.

As the evening progressed, the vibe was very tense and awkward.

c (4)

Once summer officially started, the building of the barn progressed fabulously.



c4 (2)

c4 (3)



“This is your new home, Rora! Isn’t it just exquisite?!”


Appaloosa Plains and all of our friends’ lives were really evolving! Wesley and his much older wife, Hailey finally had their baby, who they named Solomon.


As for Jeremy, he reunited with an old friend from Sims U, Sarah, when she came visited to attend my bachelorette party!  I always knew he liked her, but he finally made his move, and they’re dating now!

e (1)

Speaking of, my bachelorette part was unbelievable!

e (2)

e (4)

I invited so many of my friends. Dorothy showed up; super pregnant at that!

e (3)

My sister-in-law Persephone brought the awkwardness!

e (5)

I was glad to see my new witch friend, Cymber as well.

e (6)

e (7)

Although things between Gwendy and I were tense, I have to admit she brought the extra entertainment that my party really needed.

e (13)

 e (14)

e (8)

Sarah and Gabby danced all night too!

e (9)

e (10)

But the awkwardest of the moments, is when Jocelyn showed up. Jocelyn is my ex-fiancee, Ethan’s new girlfriend. She’s super gorgeous, so I have to admit I was intimidated a little bit. Luckily she didn’t start any drama or anything.

e (11)

e (12)

e (15)

Seymour and I had our parties at the same time, so I have no clue went down there, and I really don’t want to know!

Finally, it was midsummer, and at this point, I was fully moved into the Darling household and living there now.


Seymour, fresh out of the shower, jumped into the bed next to me, where I was waiting for him.

“So you’re going to be a Darling in a few days, huh?” He smiled.

“hehe, yeah! I have to be honest though, I’m real nervous.”

“It’s okay babe, that’s perfectly normal, it’ll pass.” He assured, “Now how about we practice for our wedding night, yeah?”


Seymour began trying to kiss me but I stopped him.

“Wait, you’re not nervous?”

“No, not about marrying you.” He said, still attempting to kiss me.

“Huh? Then what?”

“Er.. Nothing. Just kiss me.”


24 thoughts on “Chapter 2.3: Life’s a Beach

  1. FIRST! 😉 Also have you ever noticed a particular pattern with Tempest updates and My Darling updates? I usually update after reading one of your chapters, you inspire me Momo! 😀

    Brilliant chapter as usual and Sy still looks lush even with that scar!


  2. Great chapter, it’s so nice that’s Kristen and Sy are back in the same town again. I love the horse barn it’s so cute. Great chapter and I really can’t wait for the wedding!


  3. Le gasp, I wanna move into your game. Things look so pretty. And you did a fab job on the barn. Omg these two need to have a shot gun wedding and have some babies already, Erik needs another grandchild to spoil. It saddens me that Aggy won’t be able to meet Sy’s grandkids. And the scar isn’t all that bad makes him look sexier. @_@ gah next time I go into game I’m adding the Darlings to my game! D:


    • hahaha pack your stuff, you can live in Appy Plains with the Darlings if you wanna 😀 Thank you so much!

      And yes I can’t wait for the wedding, it’ll be a real one though, not very shotgunny, and yeah Erik can’t wait for the next Darling baby! And yes I know 😦 But she’ll be watching over them from her hot air balloon in the sky ♥

      and yes! I thought Sy needed a rougher look, and since he’s so dangerous how could he NOT have a scar?


  4. D: I wanna know what happened at Sy’s party! -pouts-

    And what could Sy be nervous about? Having kids, maybe? Hmmmm.

    It’s nice to see Erik doing so well (: I’m not ready for him to kick the bucket yet.

    I like Sy’s scar, tbh. Very rugged and sexy haha.

    Finally, I’m super excited for the wedding!


  5. Awwww it’s nice seeing them getting settled in. I love how Kirsten is trying to take care of Aggy’s garden 🙂 And that is the cutest little barn I’ve ever seen.


    • I’m glad you noticed that. Aggy taught Kirsten a lot about gardening, and I thought it would be cute if she did the best she could to keep it from dying ❤ And thank you soooo much! It was fun building 😀


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