Poll Time!

Heello my lovely readers! I have a quick poll for you. It might be a scary thought for the dedicated readers, but just try your best πŸ˜›




PS- Don’t forget to browse the My Darling and My Darling 2 (MD2) tag on tumblr, so that you’re not missing extra My Darling drama!

21 thoughts on “Poll Time!

      • True. But he’ll be so lonely. The thought depresses me. The way I see it, if any thing ever happened to me I would hope my husband could find someone not quite as good as I or quite as attractive as me, who could take care of him and live him and our children in my absence… O.o
        Did I really just use real life application?! Totally. Geez I get too worked up about this lol.


      • haha! you sure did. And no worries, that’s totally normal around here! I also love how you said “Not quite as good as me or quite as attractive as me”! Wouldn’t that suck to be the woman that never measures up to Agnes though?


      • Yeah. But at least Agnes wouldn’t have to watch from the great beyond and see him falling harder for the better new mistress… 😁 I love this game. It’s so addicting!


  1. As much as he loved Agnes, even coming back from the dead for her, no other woman would even come close to his lovely bride. If he does decide to remarry, it should take him a while, but isn’t he himself getting up there in years?


  2. Noooo. It would break my heart to see him with someone besides Agnes ): The only way I would say yes would be if he was going to be miserable without a new lady. But think of the afterlife? How awkward.

    “Sorry new wife, but Agnes is here now so bye.”



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