Chapter 2.2: Green Eye

a (1)

“Looks like Aurora is starting to really take a liking to me, huh? Seymour asked, turning his head back to look at me, as I tightly clung to his back.

“Yeah, she totally is!” I exclaimed.

“So do you think this is a good spot to let her graze?”

I showed Seymour how to stop the horse, and nodded. “mhm, this is fine.”

a (2)

Seymour carelessly hopped off the horse without a flinch, and turns around smoothly to help me down.

“Oh, someone’s being romantic today, what’s gotten into you?!” I joked.

a (3)

“God dammit Kirsten, I love you much, I swear.” Grabbing my hand and gently kissing it, he stared into my eyes. “Marry me, honey…”

I softly giggled, “Wait… are you… are you proposing to me?”

He reached into his pocket and pulled something out. ” I know it’s nothing expensive or fancy, but I figured you’re way too down to earth to care about all of that..”

a (4)

He presented me with an adorable yellow sunflower ring.

In shock, I gasped. “Wait… is that a Sunflower ring? Oh my god. Seymour, it’s perfect!”

He gently grabbed my hand and began to slide the ring onto my ring finger.


a (5)

“Put it on my middle finger instead!”

Seymour looked at me confusingly, “What, why?”

“I use that finger more and I want to show it off!”

Seymour laughed as he changed the ring to my middle finger. “You’re something else, darlin’!”

a (6)

That’s when I totally spazzed out in excitement. Tearing up, I stared blankly into nowhere as I pictured myself walking down the isle.

“AHHHH!” I screamed.

a (7)

Seymour held my hand and lifted it up.

“It looks perfect, future Mrs. Darling..”

a (8)

a (9)

“I’m going to miss you when I leave for Sims U, Sy.”

“I’ll miss you too baby, but just think; when you get back, we’ll start planning our wedding right away!”

The next morning, Barry and I were off to embark on our journey to senior year. I just couldn’t believe how fast time flew by!

a (10)

“So… Any chance I’ll get another one of those favors anytime soon?” Barry joked, as the two of us walked down the sidewalk on campus.

“Um, NO! It was a one time thing Barry. Nothing more.”

“I figured it was worth a try!”

a (11)

Barry and I made a trip to the library to find as many books as we can about magic. The mystery and magic that the Darlings held had always fascinated me, but now that I was one step closer to being one, I really wanted to learn more.

Of course the library didn’t have much about witches and stuff, but I figured alchemy would be a good step. I wanted to be prepared when I met the mysterious Crumplebottom Sisters!

As I got lost in my reading, I couldn’t help but notice Barry wasn’t very interested in what I was doing for once. Instead, he had his nose in his phone the entire time.

“I think we should get going now…” I announced. Barry immediately stood up and helped me put the books away.

a (12)

“So what’s on your phone that’s so interesting?” I teased.

“Nothing Sunny, I was just chatting on Simbook.”

“Oh? Who were you chatting with?”

“Just people!”

“Oh my god! With a girl?” I smiled cheesily. “Let me see!”

“It’s not really a big deal!”

“Oh come on Barry, gimme your phone!” I demanded, holding out my hand.

a (13)

Barry chuckled and pulled his phone out.

“Here, happy?” He laughed, handing it over.

a (14)

I quickly snatched it and typed in his password. Barry began laughing obnoxiously, almost like he was nervous.

“Oh, you added Gwendolyn on Simbook?!”

“Well yeah I mean she’s Sy’s sister I just thought I’d add her…” His voiceΒ  trailed off.

a (15)

“Why couldn’t you just tell me, I thought best friends told each other everything?” I began to feel angry, that he was keeping a secret from me.

“Sunny, I didn’t really think it-“

“You know she’s way too old for you, right?”

a (16)

“Sunny, I’m not dating her, Jesus! Someone seems jealous…”

a (17)

“Barry! Oh my god, I’m not jealous! I mean it’s.. Gwendolyn. I don’t feel threatened by her at all.” I said, a bit harshly, I’ll admit.

Barry pursed his lips and cocked his head, as if he didn’t believe me.

a (18)

Honestly, I was starting to feel second best in Barry’s eyes. I saw the way he looked at her, and I’ve never seen him look at anyone else like that, other than me. Of course I felt threatened by Gwendolyn. It’s just a strange feeling, because I have the man I want, and Gwendolyn is his sister, so I never really felt like I had to compete with her. And I definitely don’t want Barry. At least as an

ything more than a friend. Rather, I wanted him to want me, in a sense. It made me feel secure, and well, flattered.

I could never really explain how I felt to Barry. I mean, I even had a pretty hard time explaining it to myself. I had to make something up.

“It’s just…” I put on my best sad face and hung my head.

“What’s wrong, Sunny? You can talk to me.”

a (20)

“Well, honestly… The thought of you being attracted to Gwendolyn makes me feel super uncomfortable. I mean after all, she’s going to kinda be my sister soon. Ya know?”

a (19)

“Aw Sunny, I didn’t know you felt that way. I… I’m not attracted to Gwendolyn. Okay? Nothing to worry about, I just thought I’d be seeing a lot more of her, so I didn’t want it to be awkward, ya know? I’m so sorry.”


“Thanks Barry, that makes me feel a lot better!” I said, hugging him tightly. Now I don’t know if he truly meant it, but it was exactly what I needed to hear to put my mind at ease.

a (22)

As my senior year progressed, I made an effort to enjoy the time I had with my friends, like Kizzie, Gabby, and Sarah.

a (23)

a (24)

I also made an effort to make new friends as well. I met my ex-boyfriend Leo’s twin sister, Cymber, who happens to be a witch. Although she’s a little wacky, she was nothing like Leo.

a (25)

And because the Libraries on campus didn’t really have much to offer, my new friend Cymber taught me a more hands on approach to alchemy. Before I knew it, my skill was getting very refined.

I had made it a personal goal to learn as much as I can about alchemy before the school year ended. Damn my ambitious mind!

b (1)

When I wasn’t spending time with friends, studying, or learning alchemy, I spent every other moment I could maintaining my long distance relationship with Seymour, over the phone.

b (2)

I was getting very good at it, too! I just love making my fiancee happy!

b (4)

Winter took its time, and when it finally did come, it was somewhat mild here on campus, thankfully.

b (5)

After mastering my alchemy skill, it was time to make my first elixir. Barry panicked as I mixed an elixir labeled invigorating potion into a drink. It wasn’t a big potion, just something to keep you awake for a while; but I wanted to start out with something small.

b (6)

I chugged the elixir like a champ, and immediately felt energized. Looks like I have quite the knack for this alchemy stuff, I just find it all so interesting!


Β A few moments later, I felt my phone buzzing in my pocket, and it turns out it was Gwendolyn calling. Seeing her name instantly reminded me of the jealousy I bottled towards her. I almost told Barry to leave, but my intuition told me to keep him around.


“Hello? Yeah… Yes I’m sitting… What?! What do you mean hurt? Is he going to be okay? Oh thank god….”

After Gwendolyn called with urgent news, I felt an anxiousness so severe it made my stomach flip.


I turned to Barry, and tried my best not to cry.

“Sunny.. who was that? What’s wrong?” He pressed.


“It was Gwendolyn. She said that Seymour got injured in a terrible Snowboarding accident. She said that she wasn’t supposed to tell me, Seymour didn’t want me to know, he said it would distract me from school or whatever.”

“What? Is he okay?”

“Yes, he said his face was cut open pretty badly, and he had to have surgery. He also broke his leg and his wrist. But he’s alive, and he’s recovering.”

“Are you going to leave to go see him?” Barry wondered.

“Can’t. Gwendy said she wasn’t supposed to tell me. I’d be breaking her trust if I left. She promised him she wouldn’t tell…”

“Oh… Well he’ll tell you soon enough Sunny, don’t worry yourself, he’s going to be fine.”


I burried my face into Barry’s shoulder.

“Oh god, I’m so scared Barry!” I cried.

“Shh… I got you. He’s going to be okay, He’s Seymour after all.”


I took a deep breath and sniffled, “I hope you’re right.”

37 thoughts on “Chapter 2.2: Green Eye

  1. Kirs bby please, let Barry get some from someone else. He’ll always love you! But maybe in a more appropriate and healthy way (:

    And oh no! Poor Sy ): Its just like him to do something silly like that!


      • hahaha, oh yeah! Thank you very much, I don’t even have the details planned oddly enough! I guess when planning out every detail of their lives I skimmed past the wedding part haha


      • Haha you’re welcome (:

        It kinda hard to imagine Kirsten having a normal wedding. I feel like she’ll put her own little twist on it somehow.


      • Well Kirsten is very ambitious, as you know, so in her mind, she’ll want the fairytale wedding that every little girl dreams about, but that might not be a realistic option!


      • Yeah, gurl wants what she wants haha. I’m sure she’ll be happy no matter what though. When she’s walking down the aisle, and Sy is waiting for her, it will seem perfect. I’m sure they’ll have a pretty good wedding anyway. Not like a million dollar one, but definitely a nice one.


    • Too bad my characters never actually listen to good advice until it bites them in the booty πŸ˜›

      And yes, he has the loves the cold trait, along with the daredevil trait, so you know it only fits that he develops a passion for snowboarding, then gets injured doing it xD


      • Awe poor little Kirs! I feel like I might have to say “I told you so.” sometime soon haha.

        Oh lord yes. Silly Sy, he better hope he gets okay before I come and kick his booty!


      • *sigh* You’re so right. It was different with Agnes and Erik, they seemed like they had old souls kinda. But it really is weird trying to picture Kirsten old. Seymour too, haha!


      • Yeah, I definitely know what you mean there. It was hard for me to even imagine Kirsten getting engaged/married/having babies. She just seems like she should be young forever.


      • It totally does, probably because we first start with her as a child, and in our minds, she always has a young heart. I dunno it’s hard to explain until you actually play her, isn’t it?


      • Yeah definitely, but I understand what you mean. I also imagine her as a really really small person. Like pretty short, thin, with a high pitched voice. Adorable, basically haha.


      • Yes! She’s super tiny. Except for me, he voice is a bit raspy in my head, like she just woke up. I have no clue why lol.
        I wish ts3 would let us adjust their heights accordingly!


      • Hmm, I could see that too. But she is one small girl. I just can’t picture her as being tall at all.

        And I wish there was a height slider too! I know there are mods, but they mess up interactions since the interactions are for set heights.


      • agh don’t get me started! If it weren’t for the interaction problems, I’d be all over those height sliders but I don’t want my tall sims making out with short sims’ foreheads, haha! Even if it’s not possible to make a slider, I at least hope ts4 comes with at least selectable options for height! o_o


  2. Sunny needs to calm the poop down and let Barry be happy, because if he and Gwendy were to get married (I ship it, okay?) he would be like her brother in law, he’d still been in her life! Jeez Sunny loosen the leash a little! Also maybe some snowboarding lessons wouldn’t go amiss for Sy πŸ˜‰


    • haha your comment made me laugh!

      It’s totally acceptable to ship Gwendy and Barry, I started the moment they shook hands xD

      As for the snowboard lessons comment, Sy would be super angry if he heard you, haha! He’s thinks he’s a pro, he just pushes too far because he’s a daredevil πŸ˜›


  3. I have just sat and read though this whole story, and I love it. Your writing just brings the whole thing to life, and draws you right in. So looking forward to the next update.


    • I wish I could even begin to explain how moving it is when someone reads the entire thing! It really means so much to me. What a great birthday present for me today, thank you so much πŸ˜€


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