Chapter 2.1: What Are Friends For?

a (1)

“Thanks for letting me stay at your place for the rest of the summer, Sunny! It’s really nice here.” Barry said, lounging on the guest bed.

” It’s cool Barry, no need to kiss ass. I mean, I’m giving Sy as much time alone as he needs, ya know?” I explained. “So what do you wanna like, do? Summers almost over. “

“I unno Sunny, it’s up to you.” He said.

Thinking for a moment, I gasped. “Oh my god! We need to get you laid!…What kind of girls are you into?”

a (2)

“Can’t we just clone you or something?”

I smiled and rolled my eyes, “No!”

“Meh, I’m fine being a virgin for now.” He laughed.

a (3)

“Well why should we clone me? Why couldn’t it just be me?”

“Oh shut up, Sunny!”

“No really! Just like, as favor, you know?” I teased.

“You’re full of it. You love Sy way too much.” He said, laughing nervously.

a (4)

I turned the lights out and reached into my pocket, pulling out a condom.

“What if Sy and I already talked about it?” I grinned.

a (5)

Barry quickly sat up on the bed.

“Seriously, you’re such a phoney baloney!”

I jumped on his lap, pushing him onto the bed. “Are you rejecting me, Barry?” I whispered.

a (6)

“N-no.. I just… why, though?” He stuttered.

I kissed him softly on the lips and giggled, “What are friends for, right?”

a (7)

a (8)

a (9)

“Sunny?” He whispered.


“You can imagine Sy instead, if you want.”

“I’ll imagine you.”


…Three days later…

As I was rushing to finish getting ready for Dorothy and Cruz’ wedding, I heard a honk outside, followed almost immediately by a knock outside the bathroom door.

a (10)

“Sunny! Seymour’s in the driveway waiting, hurry up, slow poke!”

“Yeah yeah, I’m trying, okay!? Go stall him, will ya?” I shouted.

a (11)

“Hey Sy. She’s still getting ready.”

“ugh, she needs to hurry.” Seymour said, “And by the way, some others will be joining us for the ride, hope that’s okay.”


“Nah, I don’t mind.” Barry replied.

a (13)

The boys were getting impatient waiting for me to get ready.

“Hey man, do you think you can go tell her to get her butt in gear? I don’t wanna be l-“

a (12)

I stopped Seymour mid-sentence as I stepped out the door.

a (14)


a (15)

Feeling like a fairytale princess, I ran down the steps and threw my arms around him. I feel like it’s been just too long! Although he lives right across the street, he’s been spending most of the summer alone with his family sinceΒ  Agnes’ death.

b (1)
“Wow, you look gorgeous, babe.” He said, smiling.

“She really does.” Barry added.

b (2)

“So you were saying something about someone getting a ride with us?” Barry asked.

“Yeah, my sister and her date, Corey.”

b (3)

“Oh, there they are!” I said, waving.

b (5)

Gwendolyn and Corey made their way across the street to us.

“Hey guys!” Gwendolyn waved back.

“…That’s your sister?” Barry asked, sounding somewhat surprised.

b (6)

“Yeah, it sucks, but that’s Gwendolyn. Gwendolyn, this is Barry.” Seymour introduced, as they shook hands.

“I think I remember you from court, right?” Gwendolyn asked.

“Yeah, but we never officially met.” He smiled.

b (8)

I quickly jumped in front of Barry and hugged Gwendolyn tightly.

“You look so pretty!” I said.

b (9)

I pulled Corey forward immediately after.

“What about Corey, have you met Corey?” I asked.

“Nope. Hey man.” Barry nodded.


b (10)

As I caught up with Gwendolyn I noticed Barry staring at Corey. I figured he was just scared of him or something. So as we got in the car I explained that Corey isn’t always grumpy, he just looks that way.

b (11)

Dorothy and Cruz said their I dos and shared their first kiss as husband and wife. For the amount of money Cruz and Dorothy both had, the wedding looked pretty rushed, but I’m sure they had their reasons.

b (12)

I do know, however, that Brandt wasn’t excited to be there. Brandt and Dorothy had something special, so I’m sure being there was like reopening a freshly healed wound.

Seymour did his best to keep Brandt’s mind off of Dorothy, by showing him silly simtube videos.

b (13)

I decided to leave Sy alone and go hang out with Barry.

“Barry! Come on, let’s go boogie!” I said, pulling him towards the dance floor.

He hesitated, “Well, I think I’d rather go have a drink first.”

“Barry, you don’t even drink?”

“Can’t be a virgin to that forever either, can I?” he laughed.

b (14)

“Haha! I guess you’re right. I’ll go with you!” I laughed.

b (15)

“Uh, well, you don’t have to if you don’t want, you know. I mean I don’t want to tie you up all night.” He said.

“No worries, it’s fine! Seymour’s busy anyway.”

c (1)

I grabbed his arm excitedly as we made our way to the bar.

“Dorothy looked so pretty tonight didn’t she?!”

“Sure, but she definitely wasn’t the prettiest here tonight!” He smiled, as I leaned my head on his shoulder.

c (2)

Barry took a seat at the bar, while I checked my phone. Gwendolyn was already having a drink all by herself.

“Hey Gwendy, where’s your date?” I asked, not really paying attention.

“Ugh. Do not get me started with him, long story. She said, grumpily.

“We have time!” Barry chimed in enthusiastically, which caught my attention.

c (3)

“Well okay, where do I start?!” She began, making her way around us to the chair. I watched Barry in the corner of my eye as he followed her with his eyes. I immediately got Barry’s attention back by hopping onto the table.

c (4)

“Cruz still wants my dick, and hasn’t stopped texting me all night, which really pissed Corey off so-“

“Wait, the groom, Cruz?” Barry interrupted.




“Don’t look now, but…” She whispered, tilting her head towards Cruz, who was waiting on her reply in the background.


“Oh look, Sy’s coming! Must be time to go.” I blurted, holding my hand out, for Barry to help me off the counter top.

c (6)

As Seymour met up with me, and held my hand, Toni and her family approached us…well me, specifically.

“You look so cute tonight, Kirsten!” Toni complimented.

c (5)

What the hell could she possibly be up to?

“….Thanks… Toni. I appreciate it.” I said reluctantly.

There was an awkward pause, before Toni smiled at the both of us and stepped away.


We all rode home with Seymour, and hung out in the living room for a while. Seymour lied his head in my lap, and I’ll admit we were a little over affectionate with one another, since it’s been so long since we’ve spent any quality time with each other. Luckily, Barry was kind enough to keep Gwendolyn company! Hopefully he didn’t mind too much.


I began to feel sleepy after Gwendolyn left, so Seymour offered Barry his room, and Sy and I would just take Persephone’s old room. It’s where we stay whenever I stay the night anyway.


We could barely make it down the stairs before gravitating towards one another like magnets.

“God, I’ve missed this, baby. I’ve missed you…” Seymour whispered between passionate kisses.


There’s something about his touch, that sets my soul on fire. No other man can make me feel like he does. It’s truly mesmerizing.


Plus, I’d be leaving for my senior year at Sims U without him, so I knew I had to make this one really, really count!


As Seymour and I began to drift away into the dreamworld, Seymour asked a strange question.

“Kinda looks like Barry has a thing for my sister, don’t you think?”

“What? Definitely not, she’s not his type at all…” I snapped.

“Okay, okay. If you say so…”


43 thoughts on “Chapter 2.1: What Are Friends For?

  1. Screams.

    Was Sy really okay with Kirsten effing Barry? O.O

    Ugh though, Sy and Kirsten are so cute.

    And come on Kirs, let Barry have Gwendy. I know you’ll miss your BFF, but you gotta want what is best for him!

    I love the new pictures on the blog, btw. Super cute!


    • haha yes, actually. He doesn’t see Barry as a threat, and he really feels sorry for him. In Sy’s eyes, he kinda took Kirsten from Barry, so he still feels guilty about that. But only if its a one time thing of course πŸ˜›

      Yes, she totally needs to get her head straight and see that! But right now she’s in denial xD

      Thank you so much bb!


      • Haha, well that makes me feel better! I was like, “Oh God Kirsten why?” For a minute.

        For real! Gwendy and Barry would make a cute couple, I think! They could be lazy together.

        And you’re welcome!


      • ROFL! They totally could be lazy together, they can go on lazy double dates with Sy and Kirsten too xD

        And I know, the moment I saw them shake hands I was like.. “o_o This could work” Then SP tells me nat is engaged and expecting, I thought this could be exactly what she needs! So I made this post:


      • “Date” as in, laying on the couch together haha.

        Ahh yeah, I saw that post! I was a little worried Gwendy might start an affair or something haha. But yes, I could totally ship Gwendy and Barry!


      • hmm, I have some photoshoots in mind, now!

        And you never really know with Gwendy though. I mean she really loved Nat, but now that he has a kid on the way I don’t think she wants much to do with that situation.
        And same here, Barry might be the only thing I could think of that would replace my feels for Gwenthaniel. Even though Barry is a bit younger than her!


      • πŸ˜€ I can’t wait to see them!

        Oh, I know. I’m pretty sad about it, actually. I was hoping they would somehow end up together, but when children are involved, its best to just leave it alone. I’m sure she would feel bad if she messed up a kid’s life or something.

        I can totally imagine Gwendy being a cougar! Dating young men until the day she dies haha.


      • Yes, I kinda thought Nat would be her summer romance kind of thing forever, but I guess people move on. Story Progression made that decision!

        And hahaha! omg yes, either younger men, or older men, of course!


      • Awe yeah :/ Sometimes story progression moves too fast for my taste! But I feel bad if I undo what it does, because I feel like its what the Sims wanted haha.

        Yes! I love Gwendy, she is so crazy haha.


      • Yeah I can totally relate. Seymour finally gets out of college, and now there’s literally someone pregnant or married every 20 minutes! It’s so overwhelming! and that’s for sure xD


      • ugh i am so excited. it would be totally weird if like we downloaded each other’s kirsten babies and let them meet or something haha.

        “this is your au sibling.”


      • omg that would be cool and all, but what if they decide that they’re attracted to one another? o_o Would that technically be incest? I don’t really know how AUs work when it comes to that!


      • They probably would! You know all these kids are gonna be super hot haha. But I dunno if it would be incest or not O.O Maybe we’ll just make them be friends xD


      • rofl we’ll introduce them as “distant distant distant cousins” maybe? haha and I dunno about Syflower’s baby being so hot.After all, those are some pretty unique genetics involved xD


      • Haha we’d have to! And they couldn’t ever talk about their moms xD

        Idk, Sy is pretty hot, Kirsten is pretty hot… I feel like their babies will be. Of course, I’ll probably be biased when I look at them, since I adore their mommy and daddy haha.


      • πŸ˜€ I can’t wait to see them!

        Oh, I know. I’m pretty sad about it, actually. I was hoping they would somehow end up together, but when children are involved, its best to just leave it alone. I’m sure she would feel bad if she messed up a kid’s life or something.

        I can totally imagine Gwendy being a cougar! Dating young men until the day she dies haha.


  2. O.O Whoa! Kirsten never struck me as polyamorous. I guess at some point she will have to be monogamous unless it’s gonna be a Who’s Your Daddy/Are You a Third Generation mystery O.o Unless of course Seymour meets another ghost to start the third generation… *wonders where Momo’s storyline is going*


  3. OH WOW! What a great chapter! Toni’s appearence is kind of disturbing… Barry and Gewndolyn look so cute together omgggg! And, KIRS GURL! Omg, I bet having woohoo with Barry did something more than erasing his virginity away! :O


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