My Darling Summary

Here is the summary for the entire first installment of My Darling. This is for readers who haven’t read it, but would like to be caught up in time for My Darling 2. Now, it’s still a bit lengthy, but it is much faster than reading the entire thing. If you want the full experience, I do suggest reading the entire story, but I understand that is difficult for some. This is just the basics. Enjoy!

My Darling is an enchanting and mysterious tale, started by a deceased premade sim in the sims 3.


Luck was with Erik Darling when he managed to woo the beautiful and popular Ms. Agnes Crumplebottom. For so long, Agnes only called Erik a friend until one day, he managed to ask her on a date, where they shared their first kiss.

While planning their future together, and even beginning a nursery for future children,  the couple married 7 months later. Sadly, while the couple was enjoying their honeymoon, Erik had an accident and slipped and fell on a rock, thus causing him to drown, and ultimately die. Agnes didn’t even get the chance to change her name to Darling.

screenshot-94Over the next year, Erik is nothing but a ghost. He can see Agnes, but she can’t see him. He is forced to watch Agnes in excruciating pain as she refuses to move on.

The Crumplebottom sisters of Moonlight Falls, feel sympathetic towards their long lost relative, Agnes. With the goal of resurrecting Erik from the dead, the Crumplebottom sisters (who are great and powerful witches) do just that.

A very confused Erik wakes up, where he is greeted by the 3 witches. They clean him up, and explain what is going on. They also explain that Agnes refuses to believe what they were trying to do, and believed that the witches were ‘sick’, and that Erik can not go back to Sunset Valley, no matter what.

Erik finds a job and stays with the Crumplebottom sisters, with no signs of Agnes believing them. They refuse to let Erik call Agnes himself, because  they don’t want to scare Agnes. However, Erik becomes desperate to speak with his true love, and confronts Belinda, the generous and kind hearted witch. She finally agrees to allow him to call her.

Back in Sunset Valley, Agnes explains to her sister Cornelia that she heard Erik’s voice on the phone, and she asks her to accompany her on her trip to Moonlight Falls to reunite with him.

Cornelia is hesitant at first, not being comfortable with how much power the witches have, but finally agrees to go.

Early morning the next day, there is a doorbell at the Crumplebottom house. Emotions run high when the couple are reunited for the first time, as they embrace one another, in tears.

Agnes and Erik spend the rest of the day hand in hand, and end the night by making love once again, for the first time in about a year.

The next morning the couple are conflicted, since Beatrice warned Erik not to go back to Moonlight Falls. Not wanting to abandon her old house, that was a gift from her parents who were now dead, she decides they’ll have to part once again. Erik reassures her that they will figure something out, and Agnes leaves for Sunset Valley.

Erik eventually saves up enough money to buy a tiny house with little furniture, a car that he names Frankenstein, because of the green color and mismatched parts, and adopts a stray cat, who he names hocus pocus.

One night, Erik hears a knock on the door. It’s a newly brunette Agnes.

Agnes shows up to Erik’s new home, with a brunette wig, in a rush. She says that she ran away from Sunset Valley, after something bad took place.

Agnes tells the story of her day, in which she was alone at the beach having a picnic, when Christopher Steel shows up. Chris makes advances to Agnes, but she shoots him down hastily. But Chris keeps pushing, and Agnes admits that Erik is back, in anger.

The next day, Agnes leaves her home to see an angry mob outside her house, yelling accusations of Agnes being  a ‘witch’ and holding anti-witch picket signs.

Agnes argues with Chris about the mob, and calls the police. When the police fail to offer proper assistance, Agnes puts on a disguise, and sneaks out the back door. She walks to the beach and finds an unlocked car that was identified as Holly Altos’.

She drove away until it was daylight, then she left the car on the side of the road, and got a ride the rest of the way to Moonlight Falls.

Erik smiles and tells her how ‘badass’ she is for what she did, and proposes to her right there. Despite the two not having anything, not even a ring, she happily accepts.

Erik and Agnes have bachelor and bachelorette parties, then eventually upgrade to a small 2 bedroom house. While Erik works, Agnes stays home and paints, to earn an income.

One day, Agnes adopts a puppy, who she names Lila. Erik is not happy with her decision and the couple encounter their first argument. Erik quickly apologized when he sees how well the puppy and his cat get along.

The Goth family visits for the wedding, where Gunther, Cornelia’s husband, warns Erik about an uninvited guest who only Erik could see.

Erik and Agnes become Mr. and Mrs. Darling for the first time. Agnes’ personality is completely different than it was a year ago, when she was grumpy and grieving.

Agnes offers Erik to fool around in the vault of antiquity, and he immediately agrees, but first announces that the two of them will be honeymooning in Sunlit Tides.

Agnes and Erik enjoy their second honeymoon, appreciating the beauty of Sunlit Tides. They also celebrate the fact that they have gotten passed the scary part, which was the honeymoon last time they married.

Despite Sunlit Tides leaving the Darlings with little to no money whatsoever, they stay positive and eventually develop a routine, as Erik climbs the ladder in career, while earning extra money on the side in his writings, making it possible to add nice things to their home.

Agnes feels nauseous, so Erik comes straight home from work that day, only to be stopped by the ghost of Frida Goth, Gunther Goth’s sister.

The ghost asks how Erik came back, but Erik refuses to tell her, and she fades away.

Erik goes inside, where Agnes announces that she’s pregnant with their first child.

Despite Erik swearing it was going to be a boy, Gwendolyn Louise Darling was born.

The Darlings receive a mysterious doll in the mail.

Little Gwendolyn becomes infatuated with the doll, whom she names ‘Bobo’, and throws a fit whenever she has to part with the doll.

Erik’s cat passes away.

Agnes becomes cold, and shoots down Erik’s advances in the bedroom. Erik believes it is because of that cat, although Agnes is hiding something bigger.

Agnes confesses she is pregnant, and didn’t want to say anything, because the pregnancy would cause a financial burden.

Erik assures her that everything will be fine, and this should be happy.

Agnes gives birth, at home, to second daughter, Persephone Prudence Darling.

As the babies grew, the house began to become extremely crowded. Erik attempted in surfing the web for an affordable home, but everything was way out of their price range.

One day, as Erik was driving. he saw a house with a reduced sale sign. He called the number to schedule a meeting.

A man named Noah Seymour was in a rush to sell the house, since he was moving out soon, so the price was very low.

The house was perfect and the Darlings decided to buy it. They felt very blessed by Mr. Seymour’s generosity.

The Darlings sold their last house to a eclectic woman named Helen Hall. She lived in a house that the Goths owned, and paid her to leave. Helen had the ability to speak to the 3 spirits that haunted there, who were relatives of Gunther, one of which was Frida Goth.

A few days later, Helen invited the couple back over to see what she’s done with the place, where she told them stories about ghosts.

Frida Goth showed up, to speak to Erik. Erik wanted to speak to Frida discreetly, so that she didn’t scare Agnes. Erik was angry that she showed up uninvited. Frida explained that she didn’t find it fair that Erik has a second chance but she didn’t. Erik agreed to help her, then found out that Agnes was watching the whole time.

Agnes was angry that Erik kept this from her. But he apologized and they made up.

Then Erik explained that the spirit of Hocus Pocus was there, making Agnes emotional. Helen promised to take care of him.

Erik then asked the Crumplebottom sisters to help resurrect Frida. The Crumplebottom sister’s declined, but told Erik that they could teach Agnes and Erik to do it their selves.

Agnes called Cornelia for help, but instead, Cornelia and Gunther forbid them to resurrect Frida.

Erik went to break the news with Frida, who was not happy at all about it. Erik felt bad, but there was nothing he could do, and he was relieved that Frida’s drama was now done with.

The Darlings fully adjust to their new home as their Christmas is picture perfect.

Friends of the Darlings are falling in love, and getting married all around them.

Belinda gives birth to a son, Garret. While babysitting, Erik admits he would like a boy.

Agnes starts having terrifying nightmares about getting abducted by aliens. Erik supports her the best he can.

Erik quits his job after being demoted, then gets a modest job as a carnival food stand attendant over the summer.

Whenever Erik brings up the topic of a 3rd child, Agnes changes the subject. She didn’t feel it was needed.

Erik began his career in journalism, to continue writing.

Agnes’ nightmares continue, and Cornelia invites the family to Sunset Valley for thanksgiving.

The Darling family put on their best disguises and made the trip to Sunset Valley

The house was exactly how Agnes left it, aside from the nursery, in which Cornelia redid.

When the Darlings visited the Goth house, they met Mortimer’s girlfriend, Bella Bachelor, whom Cornelia swore Mortimer would marry.

After plenty convincing, Cornelia talked Agnes into visiting her old friends. Bella offered to babysit.

Agnes was reunited with her best friends from high school, including Pauline, Hank, Monika, Morgana, and Madison, who was Erik’s ex girlfriend.

The gathering became awkward when they ran into Chris and Jamie, his obnoxious wife.

Later, the Steels showed up uninvited with their triplets, Justin, Jake, and Josh.

Christoper informed that he was going for a jog to Erik, then rudely offered to be Erik’s trainer, since Erik was getting out of shape.

Erik Replied with “True! But at the end of the day, I’m the one who got the girl!” Causing Chris to get aggravated and jog away.

A few years passed by and the girls were growing into their bodies and personalities. Gwendolyn was insane and a couch potato, and that showed a lot.

The Darlings returned to Sunset Valley to attend Morgana and Connor Frio’s wedding.

They got comfortable there, and soon their vacation turned into a staycation.

Erik had finally found Gwendy’s old doll Bobo that was once lost. But by then Gwendy had no interest in it, and gave it to her little sister as a hand-me -down. Persy became obsessed with it just like Gwendy did.

Gwendolyn took up baking as her new favorite hobby, but sadly never got costumers.

Agnes and Erik start to show their age, as the children begin to grow, living in Sunset Valley

Persephone’s imagination became very vivid, although she also had trouble making friends and became very socially awkward.

Erik was working as a journalist, but wasn’t doing very good, because he didn’t posses the sneaky backstabbing traits that you need to get a good story in that industry.

Both Madison and Morgana announced they were expecting.

Beloved dog Lila passed away, was buried next to Erik’s grave.

Agnes gets nauseous, then suspects she’s pregnant. She claimed to not be excited about it. However, when Erik comes home sick from work, Agnes figures out that she is not pregnant and seems rather melancholy.

Agnes announces she is in fact, pregnant with their 3rd child.

Gwendolyn is excited, Persephone feels jealous. Persy is consoled by her imaginary friend and doll, Bobo.

One day, Belinda calls Erik unexpectedly. She accidentally admits that the house in Moonlight Falls had burnt down, because she thought Erik knew.

Erik and Agnes got into a huge argument over the matter, he was upset that she would keep this from him.  Agnes told him she didn’t say anything, because things were fine in Sunset Valley. Erik pointed out that she was of course in denial. Because of their past, no one wants anything to do with the Darlings.

The children were very upset when Erik broke the news, but the stress was put aside for the Darling’s first son, Seymour Darling, who was named in honor of the house that burned down. Seymour or Sy (pronounced sea) as they called him, was born on Halloween morning.

Seymour instantly bonded with Agnes, and only stopped crying for her.

Erik found a strange painting of an alien abduction on Aggy’s easel. He quickly burned it before Agnes saw it, before she found out.

The Darlings enjoy their Christmas, and learn that Seymour loves cold weather.

A few years pass by. One rainy night Helen Hall mysteriously shows up on their doorstep.

Erik and Agnes immediately began to feel angry when Helen asked for help resurrecting someone.However, Erik emotionally accepted when Helen brought irreplaceable gifts for everyone in the family.

For Gwendolyn, a beautiful device to study horoscopes, for Persephone, a test tube filled with questionable liquid, in which Helen added “Give this to your special friend, when the time comes, he’ll know what to do with it.” For Agnes, a potion for happiness,and a beautiful diamond. And for Erik, old family movies that Erik thought he lost in the fire from the house in Moonlight Falls.

Helen explained that it was only a small child named Kirsten Remington, who’s life tragically ended too soon, as she was only trying to save her family, who also all died in a freak accident that night. She explained her story:

Helen was called to Riverview to rid Aiden and Hannah Jones of the spirits who haunted there, who happen to be related to Hannah.

From the youngest spirit, a little girl named Kirsten Remington, Helen learned about the freak accident that killed Hannah’s relatives.

Kirsten and her brother Cody, lived in a dysfunctional family with her parents Eileen and Jasper Remington.

Cody was grilling hotdogs on the balcony one night, When it caught fire. Kirsten attempted to help put the fire out by throwing the sprinkler that was still attached to the hose over the balcony, from the ground. This caused the pipes to burst in the cellar below Kirsten, and when the balcony collapsed, the debris trapped Kirsten in the cellar, causing her to drown, right after Cody died in the fire.

Meanwhile, the water from the sprinkler seeped through the door, where Jaspser was fixing the TV, electrocuting him to death.

As for Eileen, the pain in losing her entire family at once was too much to take. She locked herself in the bathroom and starved to death.

Erik leaves for Moonlight Falls to learn the ins and outs of resurrection. Agnes stays behind with the children.

After practicing on various types of fish, Erik is ready to practice on a human.

Erik brings Frida Goth back to the Crumplebottom house to begin the practice resurrection. The Crumplebottoms warn Erik that it will be painful for both, and he will see his life flash before his eyes.

It doesn’t work right away. Frida has to let her spirit move on to the netherworld before it will work. She hesitates, but eventually agrees.

Erik decides to try again, in the morning.

That night, Erik’s life flashes before his eyes in a dream. It vividly starts with Erik as a child eating in the kitchen with his mother, Louise. It moves on to show life as a teenager, his relationship and break up with Madison, then his falling in love with Agnes, and ultimately his death.

the next morning, the Crumplebottoms announce that Frida is a human again, but something went terribly wrong.

Frida is angry when she sees that she is a teal-blue-turquoise color.

Belinda turns her into a toad to calm her down.

While Erik is in Moonlight Falls, he decides to visit his old friends. His friend gives Erik a puppy, named Moody.

When Erik brings Moody home, Seymour and Moody bond immediately, then the girls and Agnes fall for him too.

The family has a great summer, but Erik decides he’s had it with Sunset Valley when no one goes to Gwendolyn’s lemonade stand, he realizes that the residents of Sunset Valley have considered the Darling family outcasts, because of their strange past.

The Darlings, while still growing, have yet to find a place to live. However, the kids have grown  a lot.

Persephone still had an imaginary friend, the doll Bobo. Gwendolyn has a lot of friends, and is dating Sam Sekemoto.

Seymour is now Neurotic and a daredevil.

One night at dinner, Persephone tells her family she has a boyfriend, although she is lying. When asked what his name was, she made up the name ‘Bo Sketti’ on the spot, which convinced Erik it was fake. Agnes reminds Persephone of the rules, which means she and Erik have to meet anyone the girls date.

Erik and Agnes leave town with Morgana and Connor Frio to attend their son Clarence’s funeral, who tragically died a few weeks ago, at a very young age.

Persephone stresses out about having to introduce her family to someone named Bo Sketti, when her imaginary friend Bobo, volunteers. Bobo took the potion that Helen gave Persephone years ago, turning him into a real person.

When Erik and Agnes return, Erik finds a letter in the mail.

Erik finds out that the house is going to be foreclosed, and breaks the news to Aggy.

Morgana adds that her and Connor will be moving away to Appaloosa Plains to start a new life, and offers the Darlings to go with.

They accept, Gwendolyn takes it very hard when she is forced to break up with Sam and leave her friends behind. The Darlings  say their final goodbyes, and leave for Appaloosa Plains.

The Darlings find a charming little house to settle into. Morgana and Connor, along with Connor’s brother, Jared, who also took Agnes to the prom back in high school, moved into a big yellow house across the street.

The children are excited to have plenty of kids their age to play with. They befriend the neighbors, the Chapman family. A large family. Including Lillian, Kizzie, twins Jeremy and Wesley, and youngest boy, Ashlee. Agnes befriends both moms, Dawn and Jodie.

Gwendolyn starts dating Cruz Martingale.

Erik is shocked to see that Bo Sketti followed behind, and even more shocked when Persephone admits that he needs a place to stay, and asks Erik if he could stay with them. Erik talks it over with Agnes and they agree to allow Bo to stay as a maid.

Bo kisses Persephone out of excitement, and Persy nervously tells him that they are just friends. Bo apologizes, and says he was just excited.

Chapter 27: While the Cat’s Away…

The Crumplebottom sisters call with devastating news, that Helen Hall has passed away.

Conflicted, Erik and Agnes decide that they will stick to their word and resurrect Kirsten.

Agnes tells the children that they were going to Helen’s funeral, but instead go to Riverview to begin the resurrection.

Erik, Agnes, and 2 men whom the Crumplebottom Sisters sent to help with dirty work, arrive to the house at night.

They perform the resurrection, but are unsure if it works or not, because the Jones family finds out and shoos them off before they find out.

Meanwhile, Gwendolyn throws a party, and Bo and Persephone share a steamy kiss on the beach.

Persephone gets in huge trouble for entering her parents room, where Agnes and Erik keep all their secret books regarding their history and powers.

Seymour’s birthday passes by with the rest of autumn, and Erik admits to Agnes that they need to tell their children of their history sooner rather than later.

Winter comes along, and Erik has plenty of money saved to get the children wonderful gifts. He gives Gwendolyn Frankenstein, his beloved car, and buys a new one for himself. Gwendolyn is through the roof.

Erik surprises Agnes with 2 plane tickets to a Love Day weekend spa retreat to Hidden Springs.

Lawrence Lum and Persephone go to prom together, leaving Erik confused about her situation with Bo. Tired of teenage boy drama, Erik has Bo move out, and live down the street with some roommates, one of which is Benni Hennessey, Gwendolyn’s best friend. Erik agrees to pay Bo’s rent.

Agnes and Erik have a stunning vacation in Hidden Springs. One morning, Agnes gets a call about a social worker, wanting to speak with them.

Agnes and Erik rushed home on the next plane.

A social worker, named Gina Capps, wanted to speak to the couple about Kirsten Remington. Kirsten was in and out of foster homes for quite a while, and she needed a permanent residence. She was linked to the Darlings, because of a paper found by authorities that Helen Hall left.

Gina said she was desperate in finding Kirsten a home and offered her to the Darlings. However, Agnes explained that it is just not financially possible to take in a 4th child.

As Gina was walking away, Agnes mentioned Morgana, and the death of her son, and that she would make a fine mother, as she has a lot of love to give.

Agnes introduced Gina to the Remingtons, and Morgana got emotional, and accepted the offer with open arms.

Kirsten settled into Appaloosa Plains quite well, and took an immediate liking to the Darlings.

Bo and Persy start to become very serious.

The girls attend another school dance.

Seymour takes a notice in girls once he reaches teenagehood.

Gwendolyn starts becoming rebellious.

One night, Gwendolyn and Persephone sneak into their parents’ room, while their parents are having a date night, and begin snooping through the books.

When the girls get caught, Erik and Agnes decide to tell the children about their past, including Erik’s death and resurrection, and the powers that the Crumplebottom sisters posses.

The house becomes more chaotic than ever, while there are 3 teenagers living under 1 roof.

Erik consoles Gwendolyn when Lawrence and her break up.

Gwendolyn develops overly dramatic behavior by playing pranks on Cruz’ house, and claiming that her life is over.

Agnes notices how big Kirsten is getting as well.

The Darlings receive a letter in the mail coming from the Crumplebottom sisters that they will be  joining the Darlings for Christmas.

The sisters arrive, with a furry friend. A special black kitten, who the girls name ‘Moon’

Bianca Crumplebottom puts a love spell on Cruz, to make him love Gwendolyn.

The Crumplebottoms show the children their magic, and the children watch in amazement.

Then, the sisters present the Darlings with a gift; a trip to Sunlit Tides!

The Darling family enjoy the beautiful island of Sunlit Tides, where Agnes and Erik spent their honeymoon.

Gwendolyn graduates and goes off to Sims University. The pages directly from her diary.

Gwendolyn Breaks up with Lawrence Lum.

While at SU, Gwendy develops a crush on Nathaniel, while indulging in promiscuous and wild behavior.

Agnes is emotional when Gwendolyn returns from her freshman year at Sims U. Persephone graduates high school, and begins to spend more time with Bo. Erik makes a deal with Gwendolyn, to distract Persephone from being intimate with Bo, in exchange for money to get a haircut. Without Erik knowing, Gwendolyn fails at her task, but still gets her haircut.

Gwendolyn’s best friend Benni, who is currently in beauty school, styles Gwendy’s hair. She now has short blue hair. Gwendolyn and Persephone leave for University together. Gwendy becomes a social butterfly while Persy is very socially awkward and keeps to herself. Bo does not go to college so Persy spends a lot of time with him on the phone.

Chapter 38 is now in Seymour’s point of view.

The chapter starts off with Seymour gushing of the queen bee of the school, Toni Clinton.

While playing spin the bottle in a barn with a group of friends, Seymour’s obnoxious best friend is introduced, Brandt Martin.

Seymour spins the bottle, and it lands on Kirsten, and he is dared to spend 7 minutes in the bathroom with her.

They awkwardly let time pass in the bathroom, when Kirsten tells Seymour that they don’t have to do anything.

He suddenly interrupts her with a kiss, making it both Seymour and Kirsten’s first kiss.

When asked what happened in the bathroom, Seymour irresistibly replied, “I don’t kiss and tell” Hoping to make Toni jealous.

Which worked, because Seymour asked Toni out to prom, and she accepted.

Sy described prom night as perfect, where he and Toni kissed for the first time.

Seymour, Toni, Dorothy, Kizzie, Wesley, Jeremy, Kirsten and Brandt go on a trip to Hidden Springs.

When Sy falls asleep on the couch next to Toni, he wakes up on the floor cuddled up to Kirsten.

Shocked, Seymour tries his best to sneak away, but is stopped by Kirsten. He makes her promise to keep it secret.

Later that day at the pool, Toni explains her misunderstood life:

Looking for someone to support her financially, Brooke met Doctor to be, Patrick Clinton.

While Patrick was busy studying, Brooke went out and partied.

That’s where she met womanizer, and Appaloosa Tribe native, Yellow-foot. They began an affair.

Toni Clinton was born about a year later. Despite Toni obviously not being Patrick’s, he still stepped up to the plate and was a wonderful father to Toni.

Patrick and Brooke fought constantly about Brooke’s cheating ways, although the couple did their best to make it work.

In result, Toni was spoiled and pampered to make up for the dysfunctional ways she was brought up in.

Years later, Brooke and Patrick conceived Jade, then Cassie, which brought them closer together. Toni struggled with insecurities her entire life about being the one with a different dad, but was treated extra special to make up for it.

While Brooke was expecting her 3rd daughter, Cassie, Yellow-foot mysteriously vanished. Toni admits to not really caring, since she’s never met him, but Brooke discreetly visited his grave to mourn several times.

Seymour and Kirsten, who was listening to Toni’s story, was in shock. They would have never guessed that Toni has been through that much, they just thought she was some pampered, rich girl.

Late that night, while the group was at the park, Toni invited Seymour back to the cabin, where she met him in the bedroom with lingerie. Seymour had his “first time” With Toni Clinton.

Gwendolyn and Persephone return to SU for their last 2 years at university. Persephone did enough work to graduate early with Gwendolyn.

Gwendolyn becomes best friends with Ashley, a popular sorority girl, and sleeps with several people, and reaches her life goal. Finally, she and Nathaniel become an item.

Gwendolyn and Nat break up, after realizing it’s not possible to continue the relationship living so far apart from one another.

Gwendolyn is devastated, and becomes depressed, but still graduates with her sister.

Bo surprises Persephone with a romantic hot air balloon ride.

The couple stay in the balloon until night time, and they passionately make love.

Right when they land, Bo proposes to Persephone in front of her family.

When the Crumplebottom sisters gift Gwendy with their old caravan, Agnes and Gwendolyn start a business in it. Agnes sells produce from her garden, while Gwendolyn, a ‘psychic medium’ reads fortunes and talks to late loved ones for a price. The lot is called ” Fortune Teller Madame Gwendolyn Darling’s Caravan.”

Gwendy’s SU best friend Ashley, visits from out of town.

Ashley, and gwendolyn’s home best friend, Benni, along with the Darling sisters go out for a night on the town, where Ashley surprises Gwendolyn with Nat.

The disoriented pair wake up in the back of a random pickup truck. Despite being “just friends” the 2 are very affectionate with one another, before Nat has to leave again.

Persephone begins to feel crankier than normal, and sick. She panics that she might be pregnant.

When she finally confides in Gwendolyn, Gwendy yells at her and feels upset, since the two were planning to move out together, and Gwendolyn definitely doesn’t want to live with children at this age.

Although angry, Gwendy agrees to accompany Persy to take a pregnancy test. It turned out to be positive.

In typical dramatic Gwendolyn fashion, Gwendy  hypothetically hints to Agnes will soon be a grandmother.

A very frustrated Agnes reminds Gwendolyn of the rule: Babies before marriage= no honeymoon.

When Persy gets too stressed out, Benni advises abortion.

After Persephone explains that abortion is not for her, she decides to travel to Lucky Palms, for a shot gun wedding, without telling her parents.

Benni and Gwendy think of it as a vacation, while Bo and Persephone are just wanting to get married.

The Crumplebottom sisters call Agnes when they figure out what Persephone is about to do.

Persephone and Bo arrive to Hotfoot’s casino and shotgun wedding chapel, to elope.

But are quickly interrupted when Agnes, Erik, and Seymour stop the wedding.

Agnes and Persy talk in private, and have an emotional, heart felt, conversation.

Now that her family is there, Persephone has the confidence to go through with the wedding without feeling guilty.

The expectant couple travels to Monte Vista to enjoy a beautiful and romantic honeymoon.

Pranking my readers on April fools day 😛

The Darlings prepare for the new baby, and Gwendolyn gets a house built next to home, and finally moves in with Benni.

Seymour is lonely because his older sisters are always busy, so he cheers himself by spending time with his beautiful girlfriend, Toni.

Kirsten gets a foal, named Aurora Skies.

The family is completely turned upside down, when Birdie Sketti is born. But the moment is more bitter than sweet, because Persephone was meant to give birth to twins, but baby #2 didn’t make it. A boy who they named Simon Sketti. The family agreed right away that they’d rather keep the birth and death of Simon very discreet, in order to keep things focused on Birdie.

After a long day at the pool with Toni, Seymour and Toni go to Seymour’s house. Seymour isn’t surprised to see Gwendolyn lounging on the couch, but he is surprised to see Kirsten on the floor playing with Birdie, since he hasn’t seen her much since her new pet.

When Kirsten fails to get Birdie to stop crying, Toni sings Birdie to sleep, with an angelic, and beautiful voice.

After Toni left, Kirsten invites Seymour over to see Aurora Skies, her new horse.

After playing with the foal, Seymour and Kirsten sit on hay bales and chat.

Kirsten and Seymour discuss Kirsten’s new love interest, Ethan. Seymour makes Kirsten blush with subtle, yet suggestive jokes.

Seymour and Toni attend their last school dance, and enjoys the rest of the summer with friends.

Seymour graduates high school, and Birdie gets bigger.

Seymour is prepares for Sims U, and meets his friends at the tattoo parlor to get tattoos.

Sy gets a bird cage and a bird tattoo, to honor the birth of his first niece, along with a fallen feather on his wrist, for Simon.

Kirsten and Kizzie also get tattoos.

While Sy gets his 2nd tattoo, he learns from Kizzie that Ethan and Kirsten have gotten engaged. Sy advises against it, feeling protective over Kirsten.

Seymour says his goodbyes, and leaves for Sims U.

Brandt and Seymour start the year out being roommates in a fraternity. They party a lot and made best friends with all their frat brothers.

Seymour began to love Toni so deeply, that he proved it by getting her lip prints tattooed on his throat.

Toni convinces Seymour to wear a flamboyant Peter Pan costume, to match her tinkerbell costume. Brandt labels Seymour as “whipped”

Dorothy catches Brandt cheating, despite Seymour’s attempt to stop him.

When Dorothy runs away, Seymour consoles her, out of guilt.

emotions run high and Seymour catches himself kissing Dorothy. The couple begin kissing as things get heated.

Toni walks in to catch Seymour and Toni’s best friend, Dorothy caught in the act. The couple argues, and Toni breaks up with him, when Seymour begs, she threatens to call the police.

Seymour is heartbroken.

Seymour gets a bad rep around school, as a homewrecker. Brandt finds Seymour and fights with him.

The dean shows up to break up the fight, and threatens to revoke their fraternity status.

Seymour goes home for Christmas, which is just what he needs to lift his spirits.

One evening while snowboarding, Seymour gets a text from Dorothy, inviting him out for coffee.

after hesitating, Seymour agrees to meet Dorothy for hot chocolate.

Dorothy apologized for the night at the sorority house, then Seymour says that there is no reason to apologize, because he plans to win Toni back.

After he then asks what Dorothy wanted to talk about, she changed her mind, and told him that she has his back.

Seymour returns to Sims U, and sews his wild oats, and even began to start dating here and there.

When spring arrived, Seymour saw Dorothy and Toni on campus arm in arm, as if nothing had ever happened, this gave Seymour hope that Toni would forgive him as well.

Seymour runs into Toni at the coffeehouse, where he asks why Dorothy got a chance but not him. Toni explained that Seymour took advantage of Dorothy, when she was vulnerable.

Sy argues his point, when Toni changes the subject, by introducing Sy to her new boyfriend, Courtney Sterling, causing Seymour to feel defeated.

Seymour is kicked out of the frat house by group vote.

Dorothy catches a ride with Seymour on the trip back home from Sims U. Dorothy confesses that she wants to be with Seymour. Seymour pulls the car over on the side of the road, and the two sleep together. They decide to become a couple.

Seymour is confused when he arrives home to see Kirsten watching TV on his bed, surrounded by a mess of snacks and candy wrappers.

Kirsten greets Sy by jumping into his arms. She then explains that she’s been staying in his room every since she got in an argument with her parents.

She announces that from now on, she would like to be called Sunflower, instead of Kirsten, which is what started the argument with the Frios.

Sy meets up with Dorothy, friends, and family to celebrate him coming home for the summer. He sees that Benni is pregnant.

When Seymour and Kirsten arrive home, Seymour accompanies Kirsten to put Birdie to bed. Birdie takes her time to fall asleep, so Kirsten and Sy catch up.

Kirsten admitted that Ethan called off the engagement, and they broke up .

After Birdie went to sleep, Seymour complimented Kirsten’s eyes, causing her to blush.

As tension builds, Kirsten and Seymour find themselves close to kissing, when Birdie interrupts.

Seymour arrives to college, this time rooming in the dorms with the Chapman twins.

Kirsten, or Sunflower, who is also rooming in the same dorm, meets dorm mate, Barry Avalon, and the 2 quickly becomes best friends, and spend all their time together.

Seymour continues dating Dorothy.

Seymour apologizes to Brandt, leaving them on better terms.

When Seymour sees Toni at a Halloween party, he texts her saying: ‘You’re so much sluttier now that you don’t have me”, Toni gets revenge by making out with Courtney to get back at Seymour.

Agnes contacts Seymour with terrible news.

Seymour learns that his beloved childhood pet, Moody, has passed away. Devastated, Sy takes a stroll down memory lane by looking back at Moody’s life.

Seymour kept to himself throughout the winter, giving him time to heal.

Seymour then broke up with Dorothy, because he felt they didn’t have a romantic connection, and saw her as more of a friend. He also felt that she still had feelings for Brandt.

Although Sy was now friends with Barry, he was very intimidated by Barry and ‘Sunny’s’ friendship, he often felt like the 3rd wheel.

Seymour confronts Kirsten, telling her that she’s leading Barry on. Kirsten feels very guilty and vows to be less affectionate with Barry.

Sy takes a liking to sculpting, and becomes very skilled at it.

One day, Barry confronts Seymour, and asks if he has anything to do with Kirsten acting less affectionate. Seymour fesses up, admitting that he believes Kirsten walks all over Barry.

Barry gets angry, and says that he liked the way Kirsten treated him.

As Seymour continued dating around, Barry and Kirsten’s friendship went back to the way it was.

One day, while Seymour and Barry were hanging out, Sy asks Barry if he is in love with Kirsten, Barry confesses, and Seymour replies with “I am too.”

A year goes by, and Seymour and Barry do not speak of their mutual confession.

Whenever Seymour sees Toni in public, he is reminded of his feelings for her.

Kirsten starts dating Leo Chester, who is the son of the Mayor of Lucky Palms. Coincidentally, Seymour knows his twin sister, Cymber.

Barry allows Kirsten and Leo to borrow his bed, so they can sleep together. This makes Seymour furious.

Seymour takes his anger out on Kirsten, and doesn’t allow her to go bowling with him and his friends.

Later that night, Seymour finds Kirsten crying outside by the dumpster.

Kirsten announced that Leo broke up with her, because he was tired of hearing her complain about Seymour, and that Seymour was mean to her.

Seymour consoles her by holding her, and apologizing. When he comes close to admitting his feelings for her, she stops him. They agree that dating would cause their family situations to be awkward, so they decide to be just friends. Seymour asks for just one kiss.

The 2 passionately share a kiss.

Agnes and Erik agree that it is time to fill Kirsten in on where she came from. They told her ever detail. Including her death and resurrection. Kirsten gets emotional.

Agnes gives Kirsten and Seymour a potion that allows them to see ghosts for a while. The 2 excitedly, but nervously make a trip to the cemetery to test their temporary abilities.

They go to Seymour’s house when they find nothing. Not Surprisingly, Gwendolyn is there, relaxing on the couch. Gwendolyn nonchalantly tells them that Hangman’s tree is a lot more haunted than the cemetery, something she learned from her clients.

They are frightened when they come across the soul of Yellow-foot Wild-hair. Yellow-foot explains that he cannot move on and is stuck on earth, until someone frees him, by letting the truth be known about his death. He admits that his biological daughter, Toni Clinton, is responsible for his death. Seymour and Kirsten sympathetically agree to help the truth come out, and prove Toni guilty.

Barry and Seymour build a recording device, in hopes to catch Toni’s confession.

Seymour makes his way over to the Sorority house where Toni lives, and asks Toni what really happened to her father. Toni gets angry when she feels cornered, and kicks him out.

One dark and stormy evening, Seymour gets a knock on the door. It was Toni. Toni told the Chapman boys to leave the room, and when they didn’t, Toni removed her jacket, revealing suggestive lingerie, causing the boys to leave the room.

Toni tried to seduce Seymour, but he shouted at her, telling her that he refuses to be seduced by a murderer.

Toni begins to cry, and starts to explain the death of Yellow-foot. Seymour excuses himself to go to the restroom, where he then sets his phone to record.

Seymour explains to the courtroom what happens next; Toni poured her heart out emotionally, and Seymour consoles her when she cries hysterically. The two end up sleeping together.

Seymour was completely humiliated when Mrs. Harmon, Toni’s lawyer, played the tape for evidence. The entire courtroom heard Toni and Seymour sleeping together, including friends and family. Mrs. Harmon uses her questioning to suggest to the jury that Seymour is just an obsessive ex-boyfriend trying to get revenge because he still have feelings for Toni.

Mrs. Harmon and Mr. Washburn, Seymour’s attorney, questioned several witnesses.

Washburn attempts to prove Mrs. Harmon’s defense wrong, by allowing Seymour to tell the rest of the story: Kirsten gets upset the next day when she hears the tape, and walks away. Seymour doesn’t know what to do, and Barry, despite his feelings for Kirsten, tells Sy to run after her.

Seymour does, and apologizes, confessing that he loves her more than anything. Kirsten passionately jumps into his arms and they share a kiss. Barry yells, “get a room”

Despite Seymour’s heartwarming testimony, the jury finds Toni not guilty. Seymour feels defeated as he leaves the building.

Seymour and Kirsten make love for the first time, and Seymour graduates from Sims U.

Sy helps the Skettis move into a house of their very own. Gwendolyn and Erik take Agnes out of town to get some tests done, after she’s been having some memory loss.

Seymour and Kirsten make the trip to Hangman’s tree to apologize to Yellow-foot, and Yellow-foot thanks them for what they’ve done, and tells them that he can still move on, despite the fact that they lost the case.

Seymour and Kirsten, or Syflower enjoy the rest of their summer together, and fall even deeper in love.

Seymour receives a phone call from Gwendolyn, who says that Agnes not not have much time left.

Agnes has passed away, and each of the family members give an emotional speech.

Erik tells about Agnes’ memory loss, along with his last moments with her.

Kirsten tells about how much Agnes inspires her, and how she is wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Agnes.

Persephone tells the story of her wedding day, and the encouraging words her mother gave her.

Gwendolyn talks about goodbyes, and what they mean to her.

Seymour talks about how being a ‘mama’s boy’ is very special, and that he had a close relationship with his mother. He also tells about the last words Agnes shared with him, and how she gave him a envelope and told him not to open it until his wedding day.

Bo tells a very significant story about Birdie and Agnes. Agnes tell Birdie that whenever she is down, to look up at the sky, and when you see a hot air balloon, that is Agnes, watching over her.

The story ends with Erik promising to live his life as long as possible, and how he looks forward to being in the arms of My Darling

  • Extras:

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Drawing of Seymour Darling

The Adventures of Baby Birdie comic strip

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RIP Aggy tag on tumblr

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11 thoughts on “My Darling Summary

  1. Hi new reader, I read the whole series not just the abridged version. Possibly one of the best sims stories I have ever read can not wait for part 2.


  2. Oh, that’s excellent, thanks for having done that! I had read a couple of chapters but without getting the chance to catch up with the whole story. I love it! I had fallen in love with your Agnes on your Tumblr. ❤


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