The Life of Agnes Darling

A/N: If you haven’t read the final chapter of My Darling, you can find that here.



Agnes Crumplebottom was born in Sunset Valley. She was the daughter of Simon and Prudence Crumplebottom, and the baby sister of Cornelia Crumplebottom.




When Agnes turned 7 years old, Her father passed away. Agnes or Aggy as many called her, served as the sunshine in this dark period.


Agnes liked reading, gardening, and playing with her friends.


From left to right: Hank Goddard, Erik Darling, Agnes Crumplebottom, Pauline Wan


Agnes was very popular in school, and got perfect grades.



She soon became very close to her already good friend, Erik Darling.


They fell in love on their first date.


It wasn’t long before they were engaged to be married, and started planning their future together immediately.

Agnes’ mother tragically passed away before the wedding.


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Agnes and Erik were married only a few months later.

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Sadly, Erik Darling was pronounced dead on their honeymoon, before Agnes could even change her last name to Darling.

But in an interesting turn of events, the couple said that it just so happens that Erik was only in a deep coma, and Erik woke up about a year later.

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Erik and Agnes remarried in Moonlight Falls where they started their new life together, once more.

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Shortly after, the couple welcomed daughter, Gwendolyn Louise Darling.

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Followed almost immediately by their second daughter, Persephone Prudence Darling.

a few years later, Agnes and family moved back home to Sunset Valley to be closer to friends and family.

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Soon after, Agnes and Erik welcomed their 3rd and final child, Seymour Darling.

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Ready for a change of pace, Agnes and Erik decided to move away from Sunset Valley.


The Darling children spent the rest of their childhood in Appaloosa Plains, and made their parents proud when they all 3 graduated.

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Erik and Agnes’ daughter, Persephone married long time beau, Bo Sketti then shortly after, gave birth to Birdy Sketti.


Agnes spent the rest of her days happily married, taking care of her family, that she cherished.

The beautiful and Mysterious Agnes Darling was truly loved by all and will be deeply missed.

15 thoughts on “The Life of Agnes Darling

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  2. I freaking love this Mo! Only you’d think to make something so amazing! @_@ I’ll have to try it when the time comes. ❤ Thanks for shedding a light on Agnes Crumplebottom we've never known 🙂


    • haha! No problem babe, their are tons of details left to add about each character, as I’ve basically planned everyday of their lives! Backstories are always important though, right 😛


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    • So glad that you found me! That was one thing I wanted to do when I started this challenge, was to give everyone a different perspective on Agnes. She’s so grouchy because she lost her true love, so giving Erik a second chance also gives her one as well, and gives her a chance to prove herself to everyone who didn’t like her 🙂
      Thanks for reading, and I hope you continue, you can expect a lot from what’s to come! 😀


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