Chapter 43: Mascot Training


As I took a long, hard look at myself in the mirror, I didn’t feel completely satisfied with my life. Don’t get me wrong, please, I’d do anything for my wife and children.

But I had the chance to start over, I needed to make the best of it.Β  I knew something was missing…


So I made a little phone call to Gwendolyn’s friend..

“Hello Benni? …. Are you working tonight? Great! Can we meet up tonight? Okay, see you then.”


Luckily Benni was free to meet me to give me a hip new look!


Although the kids were mortified, Aggy thought I looked sexy! Frankly, I could agree.


I also felt the need to do something with my new look. So I enrolled in university. I’ve always wanted to be a mascot, so now that my kids are all grown up, this would be the perfect chance. Plus with Persy’s new baby on the way, we could use the extra money.



I left for sims U the very next morning, and I couldn’t have been more excited to live out my dream!


I unpacked my bags in the dorm I was assigned to. I was obviously getting a roommate, and since I wouldn’t have anyone in my bed, I decided to take the single bed.


I got pretty bored the first day, so I gave Aggy a call. I was already missing her angelic voice!


Talking to Agnes gave me the confidence I needed to start my first day on campus. I was more than excited to get my butt to the meet and greet and sign up for mascot training.


The lady in the llama costume greeted me shortly after. After getting to know my basic information, she taught me the crazy dances I needed to know!


I was doing great as a llama mascot, and thoroughly enjoyed my experiences.




I was invited to more parties than you would ever believe! Several a night in fact! People really loved having the mascot around for a bit of school pride.


I haven’t been the life of the party in a very long time, so of course I did some party -going out of my costume as well.


But it wasn’t all about having fun and spreading school cheer! I was also taking classes, majoring in business.




One night I was doing some studying when I got a phone call.I looked at the phone, and my face lit up to see it was Agnes!

Me: Hey Aggy, baby! What’s up?
Agnes: Honey, I’m so sorry to ruin your experience in school, but you need to come home, it’s important…
Me: Agnes? What’s wrong? What is it?


“I’m pregnant!”


Author’s note: I really hope you enjoyed this chapter. Obviously the Darlings are about to experience some big changes in the near future…

Oh, and… April Fools πŸ˜›

Yes, it was a joke, none of this actually happened. Stay tuned for the real chapter 43 this week!

26 thoughts on “Chapter 43: Mascot Training

  1. Oh god! I almost died seeing Erik after his makeover XD Erik Darling, you’re way to old to dress like a freaking rockstar! X3 And then going to uni… oh lord that was way to much here. But the heck? Agnes pregnant again? Nooo… *looks at the datum for the post* oh I see there… hehe! XP (At least I hope it was a joke…)


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